A little bit about me


My name is Jenna, and I’m a huge wildlife fan. I’m studying Biology at the University of Exeter and have become extremely passionate about conservation and I have the general ‘saving the planet’ vibe. Someone recently asked me if I was one of those ‘peace and love’ types, but I’m not sure that quite fits!

I grew up in Oxfordshire, spending 18 of my 20 years living and studying there. I think I pretty quickly became an animal person- we’ve always had dogs in the family and I took up horse riding at a young age.

I now live in north Devon with my mum and dad (when I’m not at university). We have a little collection of animals: dogs, horses, cats, ducks and chickens, which pretty much determine what we will be doing that day! We live close to the sea, which is great because I love dog walks on the beach and my attempts at surfing are very fun.

I am a waitress during the summers, but this is not what I want to be doing. I want to be a conservationist, working outside with amazing, endangered animals and teaching people about them in the hope of reaching the goal where they are protected, looked after, loved and adored by all.

That’s why, next year, I’m going to Thailand.


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