A report by World Animal Protection came out recently highlighting the Top 10 Cruellest Animal Attractions. The research was in partnership with the University of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) and came up with these Top 10: 10-cruellest-attractions

Riding elephants and walking with lions is something I have already blogged about, with riding elephants especially, as something I am passionately against, catching people’s attention. It is great to see a report like this labelling elephant riding as the number one cruellest animal attraction.

What surprised me most though, as I read further into the report, was the findings about reviews from tourists on Trip Advisor. People would comment on the poor conditions they saw animals in, yet it would not affect the rating they gave the attraction. Have we really become so self indulged that our satisfaction is placed so highly above animal welfare?

As a race, as a species, have we lost compassion? We are the most intelligent species on the planet, but have we lost the most basic instincts? Are we so numb to, so accepting of, the cruelty that happens that we consider it normal, daily life?

We were not the first animals to roam this planet, and neither will we be the last.

Find the full report here.

7 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Tis difficult to judge whether something is perceieved as cruel becuase usually it is down to one’s own perceptions of how we judge things on an individual. I pretty much agree with that list at face value though. Without knowing much about each animal attraction it is hard for me to absoultely sure each one should actually be deemed as cruel. One line we might cross over is in the need to manage certain wildlife populations, no right there are we being cruel or not? Saving an island’s rare seabird population by eradicating rats for instance would be a good case in point. This is an interesting discussion topic for sure.

    Best Wishes

    Tony Powell and naturestimeline


    1. Hi Tony, thank you for your comment. At the bottom of the blog is a link to the document they published, which contains some information about each activity. I’ve also written a blog about riding elephants and petting lion cubs, if you’d like to read a bit more about those.
      I feel that trying to save endangered species is different to just trying provide entertainment or joy however. I feel the latter in no way needs to be done at the expense of an animal, whereas, as you said, choosing one species over another is a more complex matter. Not to mention that the reason a species is rare is likely to be linked to anthropogenic activity in the first place!
      Many thanks for your comment,

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      1. Thanks, Jenna, I tried not to let the wording of my post come across as a rant and quite rightly as you say, animals for entertainment sets a dangerous precedent. I don’t always buy into the notion that humanity’s role in wildlife decline is the overriding factor in such desperate situations, it is sometimes rather more a case of our inactions. Other animals can also be made the scapegoats rightly or wrongly just as much as our own species can when it comes to conservation. More often than not, humanity needs to take control of things rather than the other way around given the lack of wild places these creatures need to simply sustain their own populations. Best stop there as I’ve almost gone full circle, lol, but boy it sure is a complex yet intriguing conundrum, this conservation debate.


        1. It didn’t come across as a rant at all! I disagree with you on that point though. No other species has contributed so negatively to our atmosphere and natural systems, causing so much global change and habitat loss as we have. The pressure we have put upon wildlife has resulted on increasing conflict within nature and between us and nature. While interspecies conflicts do exist in nature, I find it hard to believe that these alone, without human contribution, have resulted in the losses we have seen in recent years.
          Of course, there wouldn’t be a debate without two opposing views, and it would be naive of me not to listen to what the other side has to say, so I thank you for your comments.

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