Am I Getting Closer to Mastering Life?

I have been back in the UK for nearly two months now. Leaving Thailand was tough, English rain every day, no elephants and less independence were things I slowly learnt to deal with when I became a graduate living with her parents again!

I’m keeping busy with a waitressing/housekeeping job in a local seaside village, trying to earn as much money as possible because in September I will be starting my masters degree.

The view from work

It’s something I definitely was not keen on doing when I got towards the end of my undergraduate degree. While my friends were applying for masters last year, I sat back and relaxed in the knowledge that I didn’t want to do one so didn’t have to stress about any of the things they were worried about whilst filling out their applications.

Turns out, I actually just wanted to make it a whole lot harder for myself. I made the decision to apply while I was in Thailand, and started looking at courses around Christmas time. I applied to the University of Exeter in mid February. After many emails back and forth to my mum, I eventually had to get her to upload copies of my transcript and other documents because the internet was so poor in Huay Pakoot! I got my offer the day before my birthday- what a great birthday present.

So in September I will be moving down to Falmouth for the year to study for a masters in Conservation and Biodiversity, with a trip to Kenya thrown in somewhere in the middle!

Having the time away from education has made me now become so excited to go back. I miss the student lifestyle (I know it can’t last forever but if I can stretch it out then why not) and the freedom of living away from home (but I do love my parents to bits and will miss them billions).

In the mean time I get to enjoy my time at home, with a dog on my lap every time I sit down and horses relaxing just outside my window. As an exchange for Thailand it couldn’t really be much better.



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