Fish, Fish and More Fish

As the biodiversity intern at GVI Chiang Mai, I have a biodiversity related project. I still see the elephants practically every day, but I also have to do something else. And that something else is go fishing. Every Tuesday I grab my net (homemade by my homestay), pull on my wellies and head down to …

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Life in a Karen Village

I always wondered, how different can it really be? We’re all human after all, with the same wants and needs. Adjusting to life in Huay Pakoot hasn’t been nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I expected a couple of “what have I done?!” moments but I haven’t had one yet (other than …

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My First Hike

I’ve learnt a new meaning to the phrase “being thrown in at the deep end.” Hikes leave at 7:30, so you have to get up early every day in order to go. Breakfast is brought to base and usually (always) consists of rice. After eating and filling up my water bottles we set off on my …

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